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Current prayer needs July 28, 2014

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This is Karen writing for Erin.


Erin started running a slight fever tonight.  It’s low grade and we’re just monitoring it for now.  If it becomes worse she may need to make a decision about an antibiotic.  She just had the line removed today that would have made an IV antibiotic very simple.  It was a temporary line that could only stay in for 30 days.  She has been very tired the last few days and not sleeping well.  Our prayer is for a restful night and that the fever will be gone in the morning.  If it’s not gone, pray that she has clarity in any decisions that need to be made.


Hospital…Hospice…Home July 11, 2014

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This is Karen writing for Erin…

First of all I want to apologize for being so slow in posting this. I know that there are a lot of people who love Erin and this blog is the only way they can know how she is doing. You are all very special to us and we appreciate all the love and prayers that you are pouring our way.

We have had a very busy week and a half since the last post. Erin was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday July first to the hospice home in Warren. She had been so sick and with a lot of pain that she wanted that 24 hr care that they could provide. They were amazing there and worked closely with her to provide pain relief and anti nausea meds that she can administer herself through a cream form. After a week there and a pretty decent amount of recover in symptoms she decided to return home with me. I hadn’t said anything about this but when I was in Chicago I had a little incident…I tripped, and broke my right foot. I am in a high tech walker and am not able to work. This means that I am able to be home with Erin and care for her at least for now. I can get around pretty well, but I can’t drive so if she had stayed at the hospice house it would have been a little tricky for me to get to see her.

Anna was home for a few weeks, but returned to Chicago for a week to take care of things there. She is hoping to be back soon.

Erin continues under hospice care at home which means we get the help we need as things continue to change or we need help in any way.

Love to you all


No More Earthly Medicine June 28, 2014

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Hello Everyone,

This is Anna, Erin’s sister.  Erin may post some of her own thoughts at some point, but wanted you all to know that she has peacefully decided (along with the input from many doctors) that the medical fight for her life on earth is now over.  Erin is truly at peace and ready for whatever God chooses in the coming days.  We are still confident that God is more then capable of healing her, but we are also very aware that His version of healing may not be the same as ours.

She will likely be transferred to Hospice care early next week and we will continue to take it one day at a time.  Erin Mom and I are just enjoying time together and feel so blessed.  God is truly here with her.  We are asking that only family visit for now and check in with mom or I before coming.  Also, Erin will continue to have very limited to no access to phone and email.

Please continue to pray for healing, but if that is not in God’s plan, pray with us that He takes her peacefully and without pain.  She is looking forward to her heavenly feast!

Thank you all!



A set back on the journey June 24, 2014

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This Karen (Erin’s Mom) writing for Erin.


Last Wednesday Erin started feeling pretty sick and was not doing well when she arrived at Chemo on Thursday morning.  She had a temp of 104 and was in significant pain.  They began IV antibiotics immediately and admitted her to the critical care unit at Warren General Hospital.  I am sitting with her there now.

It was determined that the tumor is pushing on her kidney and that caused a urinary tract infection.  They have put a stint in to help with drainage and that is improving.  The infection seems to be under control.  There are other complications that we are dealing with that make this a very painful situation physically for her.  We think we can get past this but for now all treatment for the cancer is on hold.  Her mediport had to be removed because it was infected.

The results from last weeks CT scan show that the current chemo is not having an effect on the tumor so the Dr. here is working on a new treatment plan.

Erin is discouraged and a little depressed and asks that you pray for her emotional and physical needs.  Also pray for her as we work on the new treatment plan with her doctors.  We are exploring all options including other facilities.

She is not currently checking email or facebook, nor is she able to respond to txts or phone calls.  Expressions of encouragement are welcome but might not be seen right away.  Because of her low energy we are trying to keep visitors to just family.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support.





Physical and Spiritual Parallels June 16, 2014

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Many years ago, in a blog far, far away I wrote a post about the brokenness of human nature and compared it to broken bones. Here’s the meat of what I had to say:

Broken bones, even when they are never set properly, will still heal, just not straight.  It’s their natural tendency (it’s in their bones, haha).  Humans can heal too, I guess it’s our natural tendency.  Some try to do it without being set straight.  The pieces don’t get put back correctly.  Even those who get their bones set still can feel the scars.  Some breaks are so painful we won’t let anyone touch them.  The longer they go, the harder they improperly heal, til it gets to the point the bone needs to be re-broken in order to heal properly.

Going through this cancer I’ve been struck again by the parallels between physical health and spiritual health. Not that they affect each other (although I do think they can in some circumstances), but how similar they are. Three main points have stuck out to me. Each one could have it’s own blog post dedicated to it, but rather than me hashing that all out for you I’m just going to lay them out and let you all work through them as much or as little as you like.

  1. We were not created for sickness. In our natural, created state we were designed for paradise, not the physical illnesses that plague us OR the spiritual illness that we are born into. It’s not natural.
  2. The longer you live with it the less you notice it. When my cancer first came back I couldn’t stand to lay on my stomach because I could feel it when I did. Now I’ve become accustomed to it being there and go right on ahead and lay on my stomach if I feel like it. The same goes for sin. The longer we let it fester the more blind we become to how it affects us.
  3. Without intervention it will not get better. Unless someone does something about my cancer it will only grow. The same goes for our spiritual state, if no one intervenes it will not get any better (hello Christ).

Quick Update June 8, 2014

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Hey all, I just wanted to give a quick update (that I should have given you on Thursday). This week at chemo my hemoglobin was actually up a little from the week before! That was great news. Thank you so much for the prayers! My ANC was a little low, but we were able to go ahead and sneak in one more round of chemo before taking a week off. This coming week I won’t get chemo, but we’ll give my body some time to recover instead.


Life in the Gray May 31, 2014

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So, I had a bit of a heart to heart with my doctor Thursday at chemo. One question I get a lot is something along the lines of “How many rounds of this chemo will you have to do?” My short answer is “I don’t know” my longer answer is “We’ll have a better idea once we do a CT scan in a month and see how effective the chemo actually is.” I didn’t know if the long answer was true, it was just an educated guess. So I decided I should ask my doc about it.

The conversation evolved into a general discussion about the long-term goals of my treatment. What I think my doctor has been telling me all along and that I’m finally hearing is that they don’t necessarily expect this treatment to put me back into remission. She didn’t actually use the word “palliative” but that’s the impression I got. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t go back into remission, it’s just that the minimum they’re hoping for is to stop progression of the disease, if they can reverse it that’s great, but they’ll be happy to just stop the tumor from continuing to grow.

Wow. That’s a hard pill to swallow. They aren’t actually trying to cure me, just help me to comfortably live as long as possible. When I think of cancer it’s hard not to think of things in very black and white terms. Will I live or die? Will this cure me or not? It’s hard to find myself in the gray area where there is no certainty or even odds to help me set some sort of expectation.

Then I think of all the other people who live in the gray; people with chronic diseases, disabilities or life affecting injuries. They find a new normal. My quality of life doesn’t have to change, maybe just my expectations for my life.

That’s still hard though. And it’s hard not to feel like the doctors are in some way giving up on me. I know they’re treating me in the best way they know how, but I want that to mean we try again for a CURE. I know my body went through a lot the first time we did this, and I know that makes drastic measures this time around even more risky, but I don’t want to give up. Then again maybe I shouldn’t think of this course of treatment as giving up. I don’t know what to think.

I like to be able to end my train of thought in some sort of resolution, but I haven’t come to one yet. This is still an active struggle for me and I don’t know what to think or how to feel about it all.

In the meantime though, I do have a specific prayer request I’d like to mention. Throughout this treatment I have struggled with anemia (low hemoglobin). I’ve tried to be conscious of this and make good diet choices to help my body, but it just keeps dropping. Even during my week off I didn’t see any recovery in those numbers. So if you could all be praying that my body would recover in this area so that they can continue with the chemo I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much everyone, for the prayers and listening to my ramblings, even when they don’t come to a proper conclusion.