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Conversations with Erin August 26, 2014

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This is Karen writing for Erin.

On Saturday night Erin made the decision to return to the hospice house. We moved her there Sunday afternoon. She has settled in and is very comfortable. The last week or so we have had some very special conversations with Erin and would like to share some of them with everyone who has loved her and prayed for her the last 3 years.

August 21 Conversation with Anna
“I LOVE that I am getting to hear stories about people questioning faith due to what I am going through. It makes it all worth it. I feel so blessed to know the purpose.
“I don’t necessarily prefer heaven at this time, but I feel like God is preparing me for heaven rather than to continue here.”
“My soul is being shaped for and funneled towards heaven. My heart doesn’t revolve around the things of earth anymore.”

August 25 Conversation with Karen
“I am looking forward to Restoration, complete peace, and the putting on my true self. I look forward to being welcomed into the heavenly family of believers and being surrounded by that community. I am looking forward to being reunited with Christ and of course as always the heavenly banquet.”

August 26 Conversation with Karen
“I just can’t wait to go, I am ready to escape. If I could I would fly away right now, but God is the only one who can sever my Spirit from my body, my soul from my body. I am exhausted.”
“As I have tried to live with no regrets, I also feel like I am dying with no regrets. I don’t feel like there is anything left unsaid, undone or unfinished.”

She went on to share with me a prayer request and a praise. Her prayer request for today is for her throat and neck. She is having trouble swallowing and feels like there is some growth in her throat. Pray that she gets relief from how uncomfortable that is. Her praise for today is that she is surrounded by such a lovely and loving community.

Anna, Erin and I want you to know that she is resting very comfortably. The effects of the disease and the medication make it hard for her to have visitors. In the midst of all this Erin has found an unknown kindred spirit that she identifies with and would like you all to be aware of her and follow if you are interested. Erin admires her strength and faith and hopes that you will join in praying for her as well. They share many of the same feelings, but Erin feels she does a better job of expounding on them. The link to her blog is: Mundane Faithfulness


10 Responses to “Conversations with Erin”

  1. Melody Says:

    Thank you for sharing. I was thinking of Erin last night and knew that God had put her in my thoughts. I wanted to reach out to her again and am not surprised to hear from you today as God is so awesome to work that way with us. Let Erin know I was so excited to see she got to experience her own “Make a Wish.” What a cool experience! She will continue to be in my prayers. Melody

  2. Maryanne Agricola Says:

    Dear Karen and Erin,
    I think of you both often and pray for you. I know that each time we speak God’s Truth and God’s Love into circumstances, His Kingdom ADVANCES while the enemy’s kingdom shrinks—-regardless of what we see happening in the natural. His Kingdom has been and is advancing with each and every breath you take! I declare His SHALOM over you both. I pray you feel His loving arms wrapped around you! Love and appreciate you both!
    Love Maryanne

  3. Joanie Says:

    Erin and all of your family are in our thoughts and prayers for healing and strength. We are here is you need anything.

  4. holly butterman Says:

    Thank you for sharing … and reminding us all of the gentle spirit that Erin has always been remains brave and strong and very loved .. Know that we ARE learning from your shares.. grateful for that and always mindful of hope and peace.. every step of the way. Love and gentle hugs ~ holly

  5. Donna Myers Says:

    I can picture Erin with her special smile saying, “It is well with my soul” Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, all whose thoughts are fixed on You!” Love how God gives that peace that passes understanding when it’s needed. Thank you Erin, for your faithful example.

  6. Val Pilliod Says:

    I am happy for Erin that she is blessed in these moments of her life. I love you, Erin.

  7. Pat Larson Says:

    Karen, Erin is always on my heart and in my prayers. Please tell her that I love her. If there is a need that I can fulfill, please allow me to be blessed in that way. If you call me during the 2nd-the 8th, you will not reach me as Dan and I are going to Maine for a few days. Before or after that, I am available for you. I love you too, Karen, and my prayers are for your strength and for peace of mind and heart.

  8. Laurie button Says:

    I just want to say how touched I am by the strength and grace each of you are showing under these terribly hard conditions. It is so inspiring. You are each in my thoughts and prayers and I am praying for you to continue to be upheld in love from God and all those who love and care about you

  9. michaelradin Says:

    Prayers for Erin and all of you Thank you for sharing conversations

  10. Kolette Says:

    Dearest Erin, Anna and Karen,
    Please know that our many thoughts and prayers are with each of you. Your posted thoughts of some of your “Conversations” with Erin truly touched Our hearts and we thank you so very much for sharing. If there is anything we could possibly do to help any of you at any time…please call upon us. Wishing you each God’s Greatest Blessings always…Our individual journeys are just that…so unique and special. Sending love, light, health and wellness to each of you on your individual journeys. God’s speed and love to all…rest easy and peace be with you. Always good to hear from you, Love n Light, Dusty n Kolette

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