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My Make-A-Wish August 4, 2014

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At some point after my relapse I remember saying to someone “Why don’t they have a Make-A-Wish thing for adults?” I was mostly being sarcastic, but in some ways over the past few weeks I have had a Make-A-Wish experience of my own. It all started when I decided to send an email to a well known horse trainer and reiner Stacy Westfall. Stacy really came into the public eye in 2006 with 2 big accomplishments. The first event was becoming the first (and so far only) woman to win the Road to the Horse competition. The second was when she won the Freestyle Reining at the Quarter Horse Congress, becoming (I believe) the first person to do so both saddle-less AND bridle-less.

I first became really aware of Stacy around 2009 when I saw the video of her 2006 saddle-less, bridle-less reining ride. I was stunned. It’s still hard for me to watch that video and not have tears come to my eyes, it’s just so beautiful. Anyway, I started following Stacy’s blog late last year and after my cancer came back something in my gut told me to reach out to her. I’m so glad I did. We emailed back and forth a bit and she ended up sharing my story on her blog.

Fast forward a bit to late July and I learn that Stacy and her family are going to be spending a few weeks at Miracle Mountain Ranch. My jaw dropped. I spent many summers there as a kid and it’s just down the road from where I live. I immediately emailed Stacy and we decided to meet. Since we weren’t sure if I’d be able to come to her, she came to me first. It was great to meet her and we spent a few hours just sitting and talking in my mom’s living room.

Stacy and I at mom's house

Stacy and I at mom’s house

We discussed me visiting up to MMR, both as a trip down memory lane and as another opportunity for me to see her, but weren’t sure if my health would allow it. Well I mustered up all the pain medication in my arsenal and made that trip happen this past Sunday afternoon.

I’m so glad I did. It was a full day for me, but worth every moment. One of my old camp counselors who is now married to the Executive Director of the camp was also able to spend the afternoon with us which was so great! We started out with her giving us a tour (via car) of the camp as it is today. The updates they’ve made since I was a camper are fantastic. The barns are beautiful and they even have a new cushy public bathroom facility.

After the tour we met up with Stacy and Jesse (her husband) in the main horse barn. Here I got to meet a couple of Stacy’s horses including “Popcorn” which is the horse that Stacy won the Road to the Horse competition with. I also met one of the daughters of the mare she rode in the saddle-less, bridle-less video.

Stacy and I with Popcorn

Stacy and I with Popcorn

After spending a few minutes (which unfortunately is about as much as I can handle) at the barn we found a comfy spot to sit and chat for about an hour. It was overall an amazing experience. I guess you could say I made my own wish happen, but it was more than just meeting a “celebrity”. It was an experience in the kindred bond between believers that will transcend this lifetime.

Everybody at the barn

Popcorn, Jesse, Stacy, myself and mom in the main horse barn. Yes, that is my car pulled right up into the barn aisle.


23 Responses to “My Make-A-Wish”

  1. That’s fantastic, Erin. We were at Miracle Mountain this summer picking up my nieces from camp, and it really is a great camp. My kids and I (we) are still praying for you, and will continue to do so. God bless!

  2. Karen Martin Says:

    Wonderful! I can’t imagine what it meant to meet her but more so being able to touch, smell and experience being around the horses. Good for you Erin for making it happen!

  3. Chelsea Dean Says:

    That is just awesome Erin! I am so happy that you were able to do that! This whole article made me smile! I know how much you love everything equestrian! Much love, many prayers! ❤ Chels

  4. Carol Says:

    Now that is just like you Erin to seek out a successful equestrian. 🙂 I so enjoyed reading this! Your smile is fabulous and tells the story of this expereience. GOOD FOR YOU!

    Thank you for sharing this cool experience.

  5. Rachel Says:

    That’s a wonderful story Erin. So happy you were able to meet her and make it to MMR Sunday. I have great memories of that place 45 years or more ago, and now my granddaughters are loving it! Good for you!

  6. lynn neill Says:

    Oh, I am SO happy for you. I bet that was a very memorable day! I, too, read Stacey’s blog. I read about you, but didn’t realize it was you. How neat that you could also go to MMR to visit. Enjoy the memories!! Praying for you, Lynn

  7. Denise Pearson Says:

    So glad to read of your wonderful day:-)

  8. Mark and Becky Says:

    You’re beautiful & so is this blog entry! Only God could weave these threads together! What evidence of His grace!
    When Mark & I went to youtube & saw that the date of Stacy’s winning ride was in 2006, it was “Whoa..Gerry…this song.. Erin…
    our hearts & eyes were full. Thankful for your special Sunday & that you shared this special story. Love & prayers.

  9. What a joyful time for ALL as seen in everyones smiles~! I’m extremely happy for you Erin! I felt the excitement in your words and am touched that God arranged this special blessing for You AND Stacey~! Thank You for sharing this with us Erin. Our God is an AWESOME God~!

  10. Amelia Says:

    Erin, what a precious gift! Thank you for sharing this “dream come true” story. I love the pictures!

    Amelia Boggs


  11. Mary Says:

    Beautiful that you were able to see the beautiful horses and have a dream come true.

  12. Sherry Lawson Says:

    Awesome Erin that you were able to visit and smell the smells that you love and be with the horses!! Great that you met up with Stacy! I have wonderful fun filled memories of attending Miracle Mountain as a young girl way back in the 60’s. God is good and praying that He continues to strengthen and bless you through this journey.

  13. Pat Larson Says:

    Erin, your mother told me yesterday about this experience. What a beautiful time that you had. The pictures brought tears to my eyes as I thought of the miracle that it is that God put Stacey right where you could meet and spend time with her. I bet she felt blessed by your visit.

  14. Val Pilliod Says:

    OMG, Erin. I totally agree with Pat, no. 13. That experience certainly doesn’t make the “Beast” worth it but perhaps a little easier to handle. I’m so glad you “mustered” up everything it took to spend so much time with her. She must be a woman almost as terrific as you are. God continues to bless you in spite of “The Beast”.

  15. Joanne Says:

    So neat Erin that your wish was full filled . Stacey is an amazing women & what a better one to pair up with. Cancer is a nasty thing but good for you to push through it to enjoy the time you spent with Stacey & the horses. I had sisters who I have lost to cancer but I’m praying for you that you will be one of the lucky ones to beat it. If not I hope your life will make you happy with what ever time you have left. As none of really know how much time we have left & we should live each day to the max. As only today is promised not tomorrow.

  16. Susan Spitz Says:

    Seems cliché to use this phrase, but I mean it: that is such a heartwarming story, Erin. Thanks so much for sharing it., It’s good to see your sweet smiling face too! God bless you. – Susan

  17. Tammye Says:

    So great that you both were able to have the time to share!:) what a blessing. Prayers for you.

  18. Mindy Snarburg Says:

    What a great Wish come true. So happy for you all to get together like that.Thoughts and Prayers.

  19. Larry Stratton Says:

    I am verclempt! This is so wonderful and I am really happy for you. We love you, Erin.

  20. denise jack Says:

    This story is priceless. God opened a door for you and you walked through. The look and smile on your faces was just joy. He can and will give mercies and grace. The biggest is his miracles. He does this everyday. I am a receiver of His miracles. It is so good to see believer come together to help one another. O happy for you. I now will pray for you daily. Put you on my list. Stacy, just keep on letting God lead you on your journey. God will hear my prayers or you and your family. God bless all. Love and prayers to everyone. My heart is always with you.

  21. Diane (the aunt :) ) Says:

    Good morning Erin. Thanks for sharing your Make A Wish! We’re praying for you. Joy to you!

  22. Jessica Says:

    What an incredible chain of events coming together! I loved reading your blog & seeing the pics. I miss you & am so grateful for the joyful news of an amazing day. I also love that it’s literally called “Miracle” Mountain Ranch!

    Sending Much Love,

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