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Hospital…Hospice…Home July 11, 2014

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This is Karen writing for Erin…

First of all I want to apologize for being so slow in posting this. I know that there are a lot of people who love Erin and this blog is the only way they can know how she is doing. You are all very special to us and we appreciate all the love and prayers that you are pouring our way.

We have had a very busy week and a half since the last post. Erin was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday July first to the hospice home in Warren. She had been so sick and with a lot of pain that she wanted that 24 hr care that they could provide. They were amazing there and worked closely with her to provide pain relief and anti nausea meds that she can administer herself through a cream form. After a week there and a pretty decent amount of recover in symptoms she decided to return home with me. I hadn’t said anything about this but when I was in Chicago I had a little incident…I tripped, and broke my right foot. I am in a high tech walker and am not able to work. This means that I am able to be home with Erin and care for her at least for now. I can get around pretty well, but I can’t drive so if she had stayed at the hospice house it would have been a little tricky for me to get to see her.

Anna was home for a few weeks, but returned to Chicago for a week to take care of things there. She is hoping to be back soon.

Erin continues under hospice care at home which means we get the help we need as things continue to change or we need help in any way.

Love to you all


13 Responses to “Hospital…Hospice…Home”

  1. Joanie Says:

    We continue to pray for Erin, Anna and you Karen. We are here if you need ANYTHING. Just let us know and we will be there! Love you all…stay strong!

  2. Alice Bentey Says:

    Thank you for your post. There are so many praying for you all here. A dear lady of 83yrs. asked me yesterday, “How is that dear Erin?, I am praying for all of them”. God is truly Our strength and refuge. Hugs from all of us here in SC.

  3. Pat Larson Says:

    Karen, I do hope that you know you are in our prayers each day. I am so glad that Erin can be home with you right now. Do you need someone to clean your house? I would be glad to do that for you if you would like me to. I would love to help the two of you in some way. We love your family.

  4. Val Pilliod Says:

    We love you Erin and continue to pray for your complete recovery. Never, Ever Give Up. Love; Val, Gary, Sheriff and everyone else.

  5. holly butterman Says:

    I’m grateful for your update ~ I think of Erin and keep her close .. surely we will add you to that list for a complete recovery. Please know you can reach out if there is anything that we can do from afar…. in the meantime sending great light in a pink bubble that will shine brightly and bring relief and healing .. love .. holly*

  6. Richard Heysek Says:

    Keep fighting Erin…I continue to pray for you!!!!

  7. Patrick O'Banion Says:

    Praying for you, Erin.

  8. Denise Pearson Says:

    Thank you for the update, Karen. Glad to hear Erin’s home 🙂 Been thinking of all of you.

  9. Becky Smith Carey Says:

    May God wrap his loving arms around Erin and her family…God Bless You All.

  10. Kolette Johnson Says:

    Thankful for your update Karen…have been thinking of all of you a lot. Many prayers sent and healing energy. God’s greatest blessing always. If there is something we can do for you please feel free to ask.

  11. Carol Stone Says:

    Karen, thank you for the reply. All of you have been on my mind. Sending strong positive thoughts for each of you. I think of Erin everyday and hope she feels the love that is coming from so many to her!

  12. I am continuing to pray for Erin, and family, God Bless all of you!

  13. Tami Johnson, MTRA Board of Directors Says:

    It’s now the end of July and I am hopeful that Erin is comfortable from all the prayers she has received. If anyone has news, please check in. I think of you every day my friend…

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