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A set back on the journey June 24, 2014

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This Karen (Erin’s Mom) writing for Erin.


Last Wednesday Erin started feeling pretty sick and was not doing well when she arrived at Chemo on Thursday morning.  She had a temp of 104 and was in significant pain.  They began IV antibiotics immediately and admitted her to the critical care unit at Warren General Hospital.  I am sitting with her there now.

It was determined that the tumor is pushing on her kidney and that caused a urinary tract infection.  They have put a stint in to help with drainage and that is improving.  The infection seems to be under control.  There are other complications that we are dealing with that make this a very painful situation physically for her.  We think we can get past this but for now all treatment for the cancer is on hold.  Her mediport had to be removed because it was infected.

The results from last weeks CT scan show that the current chemo is not having an effect on the tumor so the Dr. here is working on a new treatment plan.

Erin is discouraged and a little depressed and asks that you pray for her emotional and physical needs.  Also pray for her as we work on the new treatment plan with her doctors.  We are exploring all options including other facilities.

She is not currently checking email or facebook, nor is she able to respond to txts or phone calls.  Expressions of encouragement are welcome but might not be seen right away.  Because of her low energy we are trying to keep visitors to just family.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support.





10 Responses to “A set back on the journey”

  1. fortune dugan Says:

    Please tell her I love her Bridget

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. STEVEN LYLE Says:

    can she see people and do u think when greta comes home we can see her?(the baby)

  3. fortune dugan Says:

    Can I have an address to send her photos of heidi ?

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Jaye Douglas-Alles Says:

    Erin !
    Lots of love and prayers for you. You
    have such inner strength I am sure
    you will pull through and the new
    treatment will be what you need. Meanwhile just know thoughts and
    prayers for you always
    With love and keep the faith. Jaye

  5. Val Pilliod Says:

    My Dear Erin, You are so loved and you are such an inspiration. I want you to know that I’m going to show Sheriff this year and get a blue ribbon just because you made it happen. You’ll get past the beast also. God is with you always because you have let Him in. Love, Val

  6. Kim Says:

    Please let Erin know that I am hoping and praying for her.

  7. Cindy Says:

    Praying for Erin–that God will bring healing to her, wisdom for her doctors, and renew the strength of her family, friends, and caregivers. I’m asking God to pour out special blessings on Erin.
    Love and blessings from Cindy in Salem, Oregon

  8. Laurie button Says:

    I am sending my prayers and loving thoughts to both of you. You all mean a lot to many people!! Praying for strength and wisdom to get through this victoriously!! Thank you for keeping us updated!

  9. Carol Says:

    Strength and prayers to Erin and her family! You are in my thoughts.

  10. normanlouisemail Says:

    Pray for Er

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