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Physical and Spiritual Parallels June 16, 2014

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Many years ago, in a blog far, far away I wrote a post about the brokenness of human nature and compared it to broken bones. Here’s the meat of what I had to say:

Broken bones, even when they are never set properly, will still heal, just not straight.  It’s their natural tendency (it’s in their bones, haha).  Humans can heal too, I guess it’s our natural tendency.  Some try to do it without being set straight.  The pieces don’t get put back correctly.  Even those who get their bones set still can feel the scars.  Some breaks are so painful we won’t let anyone touch them.  The longer they go, the harder they improperly heal, til it gets to the point the bone needs to be re-broken in order to heal properly.

Going through this cancer I’ve been struck again by the parallels between physical health and spiritual health. Not that they affect each other (although I do think they can in some circumstances), but how similar they are. Three main points have stuck out to me. Each one could have it’s own blog post dedicated to it, but rather than me hashing that all out for you I’m just going to lay them out and let you all work through them as much or as little as you like.

  1. We were not created for sickness. In our natural, created state we were designed for paradise, not the physical illnesses that plague us OR the spiritual illness that we are born into. It’s not natural.
  2. The longer you live with it the less you notice it. When my cancer first came back I couldn’t stand to lay on my stomach because I could feel it when I did. Now I’ve become accustomed to it being there and go right on ahead and lay on my stomach if I feel like it. The same goes for sin. The longer we let it fester the more blind we become to how it affects us.
  3. Without intervention it will not get better. Unless someone does something about my cancer it will only grow. The same goes for our spiritual state, if no one intervenes it will not get any better (hello Christ).

7 Responses to “Physical and Spiritual Parallels”

  1. Mary Vela Says:

    Hi Erin, just wanted to say that you are in my prayers daily-also this is a powerful post-good food for thought-thank you!!!!!

  2. Denise Pearson Says:

    Excellent food for thought.

  3. Jen Phillips Says:

    There is so much here to chew on! So many parallels between spiritual and physical healing… And I love how you ended with “Hello Christ” 🙂 He is it! The source of all of our healing whether it be physical or spiritual. I just loved this Erin! Praying for Him to fill your life with His shalom always.

  4. Ruth Gray Says:

    Erin, you are in our thoughts and prayers. You are definetly an encouragement to all will read and receive what the Lord is trying to get across to us. Thank you for your posts and your trust in our Lord!! God Bless!!

  5. Laurie button Says:


  6. holly Says:

    Good morning.. jst getting to reading as I’ve been on the recoup path for the repair of my arthritic thumb and wrist. I am being you mirror in healing for a while this summer ~ that’s a good idea I think ! So my spirit – my physical and my emotional healing are all working hard !
    I think about you a lot and I’m grateful for our friendship ….sending gentle hugs and great love !

  7. Laurie button Says:

    Beautifully insightful !! ❤

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