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Who says you can’t have fun at chemo? May 25, 2014

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So, last week (May 15-22) I finally got to have a week off from chemo. I was really looking forward to have a week to just recover. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me that not only was I not going to be getting chemo, I was also not going to be getting the steroid that goes along with it. As a result, the fatigue I would have normally had masked by the steroid raised it’s head full force. Along with it every ache and pain that I’ve otherwise been able to tune out. It wasn’t the blissful week I’d hoped for.

But, this week we’re back on track and I’m feeling good! My sister was in town the last few days for a visit and she went with me to my chemo this week. It was pretty hum-drum, business as usual until I started asking one of the nurses about wigs. Apparently some unknown person had dropped off a big tote full of wigs. The problem was they were used so technically they weren’t supposed to give them out, but Missy (nurse) said I was welcome to go through them and pick out a few if I wanted. Anna tried a few on with me and here are a few of our favorites (please note the sarcasm). I actually did end up taking a few home, it’s yet to be seen if I can figure out a way to make them work for me.

10152452_623917808089_5123749765482281461_n 10262257_623917274159_6133415563128776438_n

Also, since I haven’t done a Sunday Song in awhile, here’s a tune I heard on the radio in my car the other day. It seemed really appropriate for this season of my life.


2 Responses to “Who says you can’t have fun at chemo?”

  1. wingnut Says:

    Thanks Erin for the update and for the song. One of my favorite music artists is Lynda Randell… “I’m Free” is one I like and “one Day” Thank you for this one you sent. Think of you often. Love Aunt Alice

  2. Jessica Says:

    Love the pics of you & your sis! My fav wig was the curly one. 📷👍💖

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