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Sunday Song April 13, 2014

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I know many of you have been wondering how things have been going for me now that I’ve started chemo. I’ve been hesitant to send an update because I’ve been doing GREAT! And I’m having a hard time believing it will last long. They gave me some pre-chemo drugs to help with nausea and fatigue that supposedly last 72 hours. They kept telling me Sunday would be my tired day. I’ve been waiting to see what happens when those drugs wear off, but, it’s Sunday and I still feel really good. I don’t know whether or not, or how long I’ll continue to feel this way, but this truly IS a walk in the park compared to what I had before (at least so far … *crosses fingers*). I pray that this will continue as long as they keep me on the Taxol.

Now, because it’s Sunday and we all love a good song… Many years ago a friend of mine shared this video on Facebook. I was beyond moved. It has remained one of my favorite videos of all time. I had kinda forgotten about it until earlier this year when I was helping a friend move. As I was driving to where we were going to unload her stuff this song came on the radio and the video immediately popped into my head. I almost couldn’t listen to it without crying. I was just glad to be able to compose myself by the time I got to my destination.


5 Responses to “Sunday Song”

  1. fortune dugan Says:

    We love you Erin

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Donna Myers Says:

    Glad you’re feeling good right now. Haven’t seen that video. Praying you continue to feel God’s arms around you.

  3. happy to hear yo are doing better…prayers do work…..going forward we will still keep you & your family in our prayers, you are such a brave girl…


  4. Amelia Says:

    Oh Erin. This is powerful….sending it on…I weep too.

    I am thanking God today for grace for you, for us all!

  5. John Hepler Says:

    Hi, just wanted you to know that we’re still praying for you.

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