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Post Moving Recap March 30, 2014

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I want to start out with saying a big THANK  YOU to everyone who helped me with the moving process. Boxers, loaders, drivers, unloaders, I could never have done this without you all.

The loading process was a marathon in and of itself. The building super was not helpful at all and we wasted a good hour or more accommodating him and dealing with a broken elevator. We got started around 3 and the truck didn’t get closed up until 10:30, so needless to say I was exhausted. The drive went really well, no traffic, construction or weather issues to speak of. We made decent time and made it in 12.5 hours. Unloading could not have gone better. We had a TON of people here, and everything was off the truck in about an hour. We got started around 1 and everyone was gone by 4 with very little left for me to do, and most of that things that I can work at for a few weeks if I choose.

Both the day we loaded and the day we unloaded had rain forecasted during the times we were working, and both days the rain held off til just when we finished which was a huge blessing. This morning I woke up to a fresh blanket of snow outside. So much for the 50 degree days I had started to see further south 🙂

Today has been a much needed break. I’ve done sorted through a few of the boxes left in my room and hope to have those squared away by the end of the day. But other than that I’ve been taking it easy and watching some college B-ball.


3 Responses to “Post Moving Recap”

  1. Carol S. Says:

    I am very glad to know you made it home safe. How wonderful to have so many people to help you. A tribute to your kind nature of helping others. Rest up!

  2. Val Pilliod Says:

    I’m glad it all went well and you are home safe. You know my thoughts are with you.

  3. Diane Says:

    Welcome back to Russell, Erin. Hopefully the days will be sunny and warm soon!

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