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Turning the corner… March 2, 2012

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Erin is still not up to writing so I thought I would bring you all up to date. She started the highdose chemo on Wednesday Feb 15th. Anna was here for 2 weeks and was faced with the most difficult task of watching the poison do its damage. There are no words to describe the difficult task of caregiving during this time. Erin’s friends have been ever present even during the middle of the night and standing along side Anna through the chemo to the very end.
The chemo was 4 days long and at the end of that the nausea and other side effects began. She is struggling with mouth sores which have made it impossible for her to eat. We are seeing improvement everyday and tonight she was able to eat some soup and mashed potatoes.
Her white blood cell count came up a little bit today and the doctors think she is turning a corner! If things continue to improve she may be able to go home Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone for all your prayers.

Karen(Mom) for Erin


13 Responses to “Turning the corner…”

  1. Clara Says:

    Appreciate update! It helps to know what to pray for specifically, especially when Erin is struggling and not feeling well. Hope she continues to improve & can go home soon. Thanks for staying in touch. Blessings to all who are supporting Erin through all she has been dealing with.

  2. holly Says:

    Thankyou for the update.. please let Erin know that we keep her close in our thoughts ~ try and use her own visualisation of what feeling better and BIG white cells all working in harmony with knocking out the bad ones. We know from experience how bumpy this road is and we know that with faith and bright light she will heal and be well. . . eating anything is a challenge – i remember it well withmy sister but she found things that helped and Erin will do. . God Bless you all – love holly*

  3. Carol Stone Says:

    Thank you for the update I have wanted to know how she was doing. I have though of Erin every single day since Feb 15th knowing how difficult this was going to be for her. It is wonderful for her to have so many people to share their strenghth and love by her side in St. Louis. I am there in spirit.

    Carol at Brookstone

  4. Mary Says:

    So grateful for this update…and to know that Erin is being well cared for by you and her sweet friends. We continue to pray for her (and you) with each step of this journey. Blessings and love to you both!

  5. Karen S. Martin Says:

    thanks for the update. I have been thinking and praying for you . Such a horrific treatment to save her life. So glad she could eat a little and the drs feel she is coming along. keep us informed as we continue to hold you close.

  6. Pat Larson Says:

    Karen, I pray for Erin everyday and think of you both several times a day. We knew this was going to be a hard month for all of you. Thank you for letting us know how things are going. That helps our prayers to be more specific. I hope that I can see you sometime when I get home in May.
    Love in Christ, Pat

  7. Linda Morgan Says:

    I’ve been praying every day for Erin, Anna & you. God is so good. Glad to hear that Erin’s turning a good corner. It’s nice that someone keeps us updated…sure appreciate it 🙂 You all take care and continue resting in the prayers being sent on behalf of your family.

    Love you all,

  8. Diane Says:

    Thanks for the update Karen! Looking forward to the day Erin will be up to blogging again!

  9. Alice Bentley Says:

    I love you all. Praying. Alice

  10. Mark Z. Says:

    It is a blessing that you are doing better and may be home in the next few days. Continued prayers from all of us back in Russell.

  11. Mark and Beck Says:

    Good news indeed! Thankful for God’s mercy and this progress. We continue to pray with you to the One who is our refuge…pouring out our hearts before Him on Erin’s behalf. With love & germ-free hugs!

  12. Becky Smith Says:

    Thank You Karen for the update, this can’t be easy for you or Anna, Your family are in my thoughts and prayers…Give Erin hug for me!!!Much Love,Becky

  13. Sherry Says:

    Thanks so much for the update Karen….loving you and Erin – praying for you every day! You both are daughters of the King and He will restore!

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