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Update January 1, 2012

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Hey all, this will just be a quick update. I haven’t had internet at home since before Christmas (stupid Charter cable…) and am currently sitting in the Starbucks at a Barnes & Noble. Things are going relatively well. My energy and mood have been up this round. Unfortunately I’ve had some issues with the ureter stent. It’s been causing me a lot of discomfort. Since the stent was more of a protective measure than a necessity and it’s causing me more discomfort than help I think the doctor is just going to pull it on Tuesday.

Other than that things are going really good. It was sad to see mom leave, but it’s been so great to have some time with Anna. My aunt Diane will be coming out to help me through my next (last!) round of chemo and I think my friend Annie might stay with me during the interem weeks until the high dose.

I hope everyone has had relaxing and enjoyable holidays. Happy 2012!


6 Responses to “Update”

  1. Rachel & Randy Says:

    Good, good, GOOD to hear from you…thanks for the update! Hope you had a nice Christmas…been thinking of you.

  2. Linda Morgan Says:

    Was so good to read an update from you, Erin. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year’s. Too bad about your “no internet” – that is a bummer. Looking forward to the benefit dinner in your honor here on Saturday (at PF). Still praying for you daily. Keep up your faith and remember in everything God is good!

  3. Alice Says:

    Good to hear from you. So great to have family and friends that love us. You are special to them. May God Meet your every need “In Christ”.
    Love you Aunt Alice

  4. Kathy Joy Hoffner Says:

    Erin, the prayers continue in my circle of friends! You are loved beyond measure.

  5. Phil Woods Says:


    Not sure if you’ll remember me but, you had done some reporting work for my company, Vision Financial Services, through TEC last year. Tom Sweat had emailed me this past November to let me know of your battle with cancer and I’ve been following your WordPress blog since then. Your courage and faith in the face of such difficult circumstances (gross understatement) is quite impressive. Your indominable spirit reminds of me of someone close that went through a similar situation.

    Happy New Year and may all your positive thoughts, words and actions come back to you ten fold as we start 2012.


    • Dianne Swift Says:

      Hi Erin,
      Not sure if you will remember me either….We worked together at Ontario Systems, LLC in Muncie Indiana. We walked and talked on the trail (you , me and your dog!).. I just had to send a note to say I will be totally committed to praying for you. God is so good! He knows you best and loves you most! Just know that someone in Muncie Indiana will be praying fervently that God will reveal his greatness to you and may you walk with hinds feet on high places! I will follow your blog diligently and ask others to pray as well!

      God Bless You Good!

      Dianne Swift

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