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Setback December 10, 2011

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I wanted to let everyone know that Erin was admitted to Barnes Jewish hospital last night. She doesn’t feel like writing right now, but maybe she will later. Her counts are really low and she is running a fever. Since she is scheduled to have her stem cells harvested next week, they wanted her on IV antibiotics. If they can’t get rid of the infection and the counts don’t come up they can’t do the harvest. It looks like she will be in the hospital until Monday or Tuesday and hopefully the harvest will be done while she is there. Also she is scheduled on Thursday for a procedure to insert a stint in her left ureter because of the fluid build up in her abdomen. Pray that her body heals so we can stay on schedule. Also pray for emotional strength to endure this setback.


9 Responses to “Setback”

  1. Linda Morgan Says:

    Thanks for the update…prayers being sent up as I’m responding. Please keep the updates coming. God is good.

  2. Karen S. Martin Says:

    Holding you close in prayer Karen

  3. Mark and Becky Verhagen Says:

    Love you guys! Will definitely be praying. Thanks for letting us walk beside you on this difficult road. Your vulnerability is truly sweet. The Vers

  4. holly Says:

    Please remind Erin that we have her in our prayers and hearts … that this is a bump – kinda like the others and stay focused on small steps ..we’re sending healing energy .. positive thoughts and hope for some bright days ahead – gentle hugs for you all – holly*

  5. Jen Huck Says:

    Love you guys! Will definitely be praying.

  6. Alice Says:

    Don’t give up. I am praying for you all. Love Aunt Alice

  7. Joan Q. McAfoos Says:

    We continue to pray for Erin and your family. Special prays that she will heal and stay on schedule. Please let us know if we can do anything to help while you are with Erin. Love, Joanie

  8. Pat Larson Says:

    Our prayers and our love for you are being sent your way. Karen, from one mother to another, I know this has to be so hard. Erin is a beautiful young woman who truly knows what is important in life. Tell her to stay strong and courageous; God is faithful.

  9. Tami Says:

    Hang in there, girls… It’s just a setback and we’re all pulling for you!

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