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Round 3….complete November 10, 2011

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Erin made me an “author” today on her blog.  I hope she doesn’t regret it!  After going to the cancer center tomorrow for a shot, round 3 will be complete.  She has done pretty well.  We will both be glad when the nausea is over, but not looking forward to when her white blood cells are low and she has NO energy.  This is also the time when she is at most risk for infection.

Continue to pray that I stay healthy,  and for strength in the days ahead for Erin, Anna and I.  Next Thursday she has a day full of tests including a CT scan.

We are overwhelmed by all the support were getting.




7 Responses to “Round 3….complete”

  1. pat larson Says:

    Karen, don’t you know how much you are loved? When I think of Erin, I always see her in the little ice cream shop working with Daniel. I truly pray for her every day. If there is anything you need that we can supply, please ask!

  2. Reinhild B Says:

    Karen, thank you for the update. I will forward this blog to all my prayer warriors. Erin, Anna & you are definitely in our prayers. God be with you!!

  3. Joan Q. McAfoos Says:

    You all continue to be in our prayers. Let me know if you need anything!

  4. Jen Huck Says:

    I am praying for you & Erin thank you for the update.

  5. holly Says:

    Karen .. there is more love and support and energy being routed than you know 🙂 You’re in an important role and the love and kind heart .. positive strength has to come from someplace – it is important. Meantime we’ll keep Erin in a pinnk bubble of healing protection and positive energy during this critical time – I’m remembering so many times with my sister and knowing that keeping it positive ‘matters’ .. for all .. a cartoon night (grab videos from the local store ) laughing helps .. lots … 3 stooges – cartoons – whatever she will get a remote giggle from. I’m a long way away in VT but my thoughts are with you all – love – holly*

  6. Alice Says:

    Love you all and praying for you. Aunt Alice

  7. Linda Morgan Says:

    Hi Ladies! So glad that Round 3 is now complete. Already praying for the “test” day coming up. Standing in faith that the scans are clean & clear. God is holding you all in the palm of His hand, just continue to cling to Him! I’ll be getting another card in the mail this week – I’ve had a lot of personal things going on, so I know I missed a week of sending a card, but you were still in my heart, my thoughts and most importantly, in my prayers. (((HUGS))) to all of you. Stay strong and remember – God is good! “Angel” Linda

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