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High Dose Chemo November 2, 2011

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So, I guess it might be nice of me to let everybody know how my appointment went on Monday. This appointment was an initial consult for something called high dose chemo and stem cell rescue. It’s kind of a scary procedure that involves collecting my bone marrow so they can do a round of super high dose chemotherapy and then give me my bone marrow back to restart my immune system so I don’t die. This procedure is normally done on people with blood cancers, like luekemia, but appears to be beneficial for the particular type of cancer I have. The hospital I’ve been receiving treatment through doesn’t do bone marrow transplants so this was at a different hospital with a different doctor.

The appointment itself went well, and I liked this new doctor. Even though I’m not a traditional candidate for this type of procedure, she agreed that there was enough of a precident with existing studies and because I’m young and otherwise healthy this would be a good option for me.

The process will actually start after my next round of chemo with a bunch of tests to check and see if there’s any visible cancer growing (all visible cancer was removed with my initial surgery so if the chemo is working it should not be growing). After the following (4th) round of chemo they will do the bone marrow extraction. After that it’s 2 more rounds of chemo, a month off and then the high dose and bone marrow infusion. For the round of high dose I will need to be hospitalized for 3-4 weeks because my immune system will be so compromised. After that it will be another month before my immune system will be back up to normal. So sometime around the end of April I’ll be done. Wow that seems like a long way off. But there’s also so much happening between now and then, I hope it will go by quickly.


7 Responses to “High Dose Chemo”

  1. Joan Q. McAfoos Says:

    I know of several people who have gone through the bone marrow collection and high dose chemo and although a long process, it really helped them in the long run. Just keep thinking that by Spring you will be gaining your energy back and be able to take some long walks and stop to smell the flowers. We continue to keep you in our prayers Erin, along with your entire family. God Bless you!

  2. Pat Larson Says:

    Erin, I pray for you daily. It is obvious that you have a deep and comforting faith and that you have put your entire trust in our precious Lord. I pray that you will get through each procedure with strength and success. Give your mother a hug from me the next time that you see her!

  3. holly Says:

    Erin ~ you have a path ahead and much to look forward to .. I applaud your brave side and hope you know that we’re here with prayers and some very positive energy to help with the things you dont need to worry about. Keeping you in bright healing light with hope and positive thoughts … love – holly*

  4. Aleta Whittaker Says:

    Erin this is your Uncle Andy’s sister Aleta Whittaker,We are continuing to pray for you as you go through all of this. My church is praying too.

  5. Alice Says:

    Erin: Love you and thinking of you often. Talked to you Grandma last week and she said your Mom was going to come. Just want you to know that I am following on this journey with you. May you find the rest and peace of Jesus during this difficult time and know that alot of us care. Love you. Aunt Alice

  6. Joy Says:

    So glad your last treatment went better and your appointment went well. God is listening and answering prayers. He cares so much for you…
    To Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine,according to His power that is at work within us,to Him be the Glory……Ephesians 3:20 Love you, Joy

  7. Ken Says:

    Erin, we are all praying for you here, and thinking of you often. Sounds like you are getting great care. They are doing amazing things now.

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