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Out of Surgery September 11, 2011

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Erin made it out of surgery last night around 8pm and has been recovering since.  She has a rare form of ovarian cancer.  The details of the cancer will come back from pathology later in the week.  The surgeon removed all of the visible tumor during surgery.  The next step for Erin is to continue to recover from surgery and get to a place of strength to be able to endure the next phase of treatment, which is yet to be decided.  Her mom and family friend arrived this evening and will be a good source of support for her. Please continue to pray:

1. For recovery-the surgery was extensive and will thus be a longer recovery than expected

2. Pain management-Erin is dealing well with the pain and meds.  Pray for limited side effects and ability to wean from the meds easily

3. For family who has come in to support her.  Pray that they would be a great source of hope, encouragement, and strength for Erin.

4. Wisdom for the pathologists to make an accurate diagnosis on the form and severity of the cancer so that the best treatment plan can be decided.

5. For Erin to be continuing to grow in knowledge and faith of God’s sovereignty in this situation and of his deep and abiding love for her.


6 Responses to “Out of Surgery”

  1. Jolene Says:


    Praying for you today and will continue to pray.


  2. Hi I had not looked at Erin’s wall in some time and heard some news right before service Erin is in my prayers

  3. Erin,
    I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. You’re a strong woman, with God’s help – you can get through this. If I can do anything from the Warren end – please let me know.
    Very best,
    Jen Lane

  4. Linda Morgan Says:

    Hi Erin…and mom, Karen!
    I’ve been praying for you all, as well as this whole situation, since I heard. I just learned about the blog and am thankful to have a way to stay updated. Please let, Karen, know that I’m keeping her in my thoughts and prayers and I’m “here” for her, if she needs it, not just as a fellow Stephen Minister, but as a friend. Stay strong…keep the faith…and remember: God is Good.
    Linda Morgan

  5. Chelsea Says:

    Erin I had no idea! Good lord girl what a scare! I am praying and hoping that everything turns out all right for you! Hugs to your family and you as well! Love always, Chelsea

  6. Praying for Erin and requesting prayers from her former church, FCC in Washington, MO. I love you Erin!!

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