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Surgery September 9, 2011

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The doctor has confirmed that Erin will undergo abdominal surgery on Friday at 1pm.  The purpose of the surgery is to remove as much of the growth as possible and explore the extent to which it has grown in her body.   Although she started running a slight fever today, the nurses have been able to bring some of that down today with some meds.  They have begun prepping her tonight for surgery and are still planning to move forward with that on Friday.  Her sister and family friend arrived today which have been a huge blessing and comfort to Erin.  She has stated several times how thankful she is for everyone’s encouragement and support.  At this point when everything is still uncertain and overwhelming, the best way to support her is by waiting until after surgery to visit.

Please continue to pray for Erin, particularly during surgery on Friday at 1pm.  Pray for:

1.  Physician’s wisdom, keen senses, and carefulness during surgery

2. Peace for Erin leading up to the surgery and post-operatively

3. Comfort for Erin’s family, good rest, and strength throughout the day

4. A quick recovery after surgery, for all the medical staff that will be taking care of her to be patient, kind, and skilled.

5. For God’s complete and sovereign plan to be accomplished in and through Erin and all who are involved and for His great love to be made known especially during this time.

If you need to contact any of us, please use the Contact Page or leave a comment.  Thanks so much for your love, care, and support for Erin and her family!



2 Responses to “Surgery”

  1. Cindy Flatt Says:

    Praying for you today, Erin and I will continue to pray. Much love, Cindy

  2. Vicki Tatko Says:

    Erin, I am praying for you–that God will give you His peace and protection in this difficult time.
    Job 9:10

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